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Rose in Hair ~ 25 August 2017

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…knelt naked in the temple of the soul

as a white rose grew before me and slowly bloomed

with opening petals,

while reaching for the sky.


Grasped it and it gave itself to me.

Braided its long stem and thorns into my hair.

Stem ‘n’ braid down my back

and in a circlet on my head

with the bloom over my ear…


…Then later by her lake

I found her with the rose in her hair…


~ 25 August 2017




Written by thedreamscapes

17/11/2017 at 18:45

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The Breath of God Lost pt. IV (2010) (From Soul Mates and Sand IV: Lilith’s Walk)

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Chapter Eight: The Breath of God Lost pt. IV




Lillith stands alone on the sphere of the bare basalt, where there twice was and once more shall be Cobalt Blue Sands. As the Storm of Lost Souls splashes within its wake, she stands on the rocks in the Seas of Eternity that a strange lighthouse also stands upon, with its torch spinning in rhythm to a pulsar in the false sky above. She stands watching the firmament as the universe foremost in her vision falls within and upon itself into a great black hole. Determined she reaches out with her spirit to observe as Laura claimed that she had from beyond with every moment within the Universe of Many Earths as one. The bed-sheet of this one particular “all” spreads before her with everything within it played out frozen within observation either from beyond, from her, or the others who have moved on, or perhaps something unknown to her.

Yet her beliefs, and lack thereof, causes it fail and the vision falls back into cause and effect, as she sees it play out on a grand field above her in the sky, and before her straining eyes. Yet through it she hears the echo of a tri-nary song coming from one soul in to the cast of bones within fulfilled curses. A soul walking within these streams from somewhere and some-when else, living within these moments past, and lost amongst these haunted dreams.

As she listens to the harmony entangled within and three times reverberating into one haunted psalm chanted across the divides, she is moved, and while the evocative chords of an electronic piano ring, Gwen rises from the sea out of an ephemeral life and stands next to Lillith. Laura appears in a shimmer on Lillith’s other side. And with Gwen and Laura singing scat unison vocals in a Phrygian harmony, Lillith chants in reply to the lost songs of a man:




Slap Back Echo to the Breath of God Lost


You believed in the lies



What was lost inside

Warned against the sea

Told to flee

Their delusions testing you

What do the unprintable of Eve

Have to do with me


Who is your goddess

Riddled me with your quest

Until we were ground into dust

Beneath the ashes of our hearth

Rise out of this sea

If only to again see


Yet to come within your then

And my now

Your words imprisoned me

And the shadows of then

Whisper and pray to me of the present


Nothing within the scenes

Not knowing love within the insanity

There is no God to be lost

For we are God

Not words wormed in ink

By the trembling hands

Of men

And nothing can have no Son


She sleeps alone in her choosing

Blinded by the panic

Wrought within the chains

Binding all things

Upon the razor’s edge

The insanity of the earthly lost ways

All is bleeding

As crimson flows from the stars

Into the stained particled waters

The Blood of the Mother bathed in sacrifice


I stood by the sea

The wind in my hair

My skirts

Facing down into spray

Of salted bloody wounds

The Mother lost within the foam

Ready to dissolve yet trapped

Put the light out

Within our sins

Our sins

I stood by the sea

Within the night—waiting

Beneath Luna’s light

As the wind danced within us into this fray


Warned against the sea

Yet you waited

For what was to rise

To consume you

Destroy you

What Daughter of Eve isn’t a pretender

Unto me



Is a love true

Two souls into one

Unless they were one rendered in to half


Thrice in the night

Beneath the sun of his lies

The dark bird will fly

From she to you

Fearing this sea’s call


Prophecies of a species without a light

The past replicates as it stays the same

Believing in their own mirages

Delusions of what they, and all are

Drowning in the seas

Of souls’ ephemeral living purgatory



Echoed in these scenes

A song, to replace the faller’s breath

The winds of the Void call to us all

Within loneliness’s despair

Lies within my thighs

From my womb torn from me

Asunder from the currents of souls

Deliver me from these hands

Of man

Who punish all of who walk

In this forsaken form

Without love or knowing

Immortal wounds dripping into the earth

And the seas of time

Daring not to look up into the skies

As I see I within my own eyes

Yet haunted by what was seen in yours

As the demon-bitch sucks the soul away

Through the vices

Of the Succubae

Nightmares into ephemeral eternally echoing


Wet dreams


The bestial slut shall never again rise

From the Void whence she came

Shadows still linger upon our hearts

As words scribed into the wall

As our daughters fall


Taste my breath

To know the divine

The truth

The heart

The touch

The embrace

The word



In the beginning was I—woman, and as I was sundered by the word, and the word became law. I am, I breathe, I want, I desire, and I am—alone…


No Daughter of Eve

Knows or fucks for love

All is lost

Their mothers where whores

Within the echoing pain

Of all of Gwen’s lives

As children they played

Destroying each other’s souls

As china cast, tossed, thrown

Against these rocks at which I stare

Deep below

Within the stones

Jagged memories of Gaia

Spinning alone

Such were the lives

Of Gwen’s plight

As we left Laura alone






Oh the wars of man will never resolve

Until the fires of the atom takes them all

Cleansed into the deserts of obsidian glass

While I yet still stand here


Facing the blood of our mother

Upon this bed of nails which is our hearts

Razor-wire of our souls

Pushing away into the alone

No roses at my feet

For they have shriveled

And decayed

Within the lies

The lies

The lies of man


She who came to the delight of your pain

Within the rising tides

Of twisted lusts of Adam’s brides

Denying what was within

Ask me not why

The unprintable of Eve are not of me

And anything they breathe

Whisper into your ear

Beneath our firelight gone

Forever within

Cookie cutter souls baked in Holly-Hobby ovens

Pink and pretty and bright

To cut with the razor-blades and barbed wire

And the hemlock-rum cooked deep within

The souls of their cherry pies

Winter’s chill endless within the lost

Virtual patterns of the ghosts

Of what was and could have been

Ground within the autumn

Of ephemeral man

As the lies perish into the never breathed


What are these lies

Reach back deeper

Older before mists

The myths

Within the soils

Older still

The truths

Within the dander of the stars

And the depths of the darkness of the Cosmos


Ever questing lips

And tongue

For the dreamed of osculation

Endless conversation

Pasts decayed

Delusions of the implications

Of man’s manifestations

The Daughters of Eve

Without disambiguation

To fall within the vices

Of man


The writing upon the wall

Within the depths of a veil

Verily deep beneath the earth

As the waters do fall

And the Mother’s blood does spill

The abyss of the dreams

To be climbed

To again touch the stars

Within the firmament of our souls

Drown in the seas of the lost tide


The dust of your shoes

Retrace civilizations past

Lost into the to be

All that was embraced


In our hands

Our hearts

Return not to faith in me

But to the truth in my eyes

And prophecies shall fade



Even as the universe in the skies

Yet again falls

Within memories

And the fires of the soul


I have seen our eyes to burn

Upon the feet of the Demon’s throne

For the sins of man

Love’s eyes will by torn

And my eyes for you they shall bleed


Wonder not of your light

I will again deliver it unto you

But kept, lost, or abused

What is—is up to you

From that which comes from me



Every man in the end

Rapes his mother

Damning the Earth

That they trod upon


The Dark Bird aways


But what of our circle

Stolen by a wish for a kiss

You ramble and pray unto a Son

When what you crave is a woman true

And perhaps I am just a reflection

Of you

Yet still

Nothing can have no Son

Nothing can have no Son

Nothing can have no Son

Nothing can have no Son

And your trilogy

Has yet to know I

And what do the lies

Of the children of Eve

Have to do with me



Maybe something strange


Within your dreams


Can you erase these visions

From the skies

Why is love in the heart

Within all of this

Where does it truly reside

This universe stretched and falling

Two souls had to have been one

To into singularity again

Within the hearts which despair

And perhaps I am just a reflection

Of you

Yet still

Nothing can have no Son

And your trilogy

Has yet to know I

Yet know

And reach for me

My lips

My eyes

Taste me

My breath

My flesh

My soul

To know the divine

The truth

The heart

The touch

The embrace

The word



To know



Thunder cracks, Gwen and Laura fade from this world as the earth tremors, and out of a rupture in space-time, from the surface of the Seas of Eternity, an old black Ford Galaxy with headlights blazing drives straight into Lillith. The voice of the Reverend Thomas Smith cries out the driver’s window, “Die! Demon! Die! In the name of Christ, I cast you out! Return to the fires of your master!” The car ripples into another rupture, and Lillith lies on the rocks bent, bleeding, with bones broken, and in pain as she lies in waiting to regenerate yet again.

Written by thedreamscapes

15/11/2017 at 21:28

~ 12 November 2017

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…and then today was the day after the tomorrow that was




~ 12 November 2017


Written by thedreamscapes

12/11/2017 at 19:40

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Behind the Mirror, She Said ~ 28 August 2017

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“I may live behind the mirror,” she said,

“but that is

as you are

unto me…”


~ 28 August 2017


Written by thedreamscapes

29/08/2017 at 19:02

…Beautiful She Had Said… ~ 26 August 2017

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Something beautiful she had said,

whispering within my soul,

and my dread…


~ 26 August 2017


Written by thedreamscapes

27/08/2017 at 05:03

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And Then I Was the Water ~ 24 August 2017

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…Then was she standing in the snow cover field.

beckoning to myself.

He came and I gazed up him,

and then pointed for him to cross the frozen river to its daughter.

For it was I as she who shown the path this January last.

After he faded, crossed the river as she of the soul,

and met the River Daughter


during the coming drought, next.

Took her into a kiss and she turned to water as I swallowed her whole.

And I was the water…


…then as she

floated over the seas and fell into a brook below the mountains.

Wept into the stream

and as the tears fell they were the river

with her daughter held in each drop.

Then vomited the river upon the rocks.

Emptied, my menses began to flow into the stream

and my blood was the river—

life giving the water…


…rose and walked across the expanse

and met an earth mother as had met her here before.

Knelt naked before her

and she offered a clay bowl of earth blood and bile.

I drank of it

and then she gave us her blessing…


~ 24 August 2017


Written by thedreamscapes

25/08/2017 at 19:42

Key and Peace ~ 5 August 2017

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My soul,

with a coy smile,

she handed me a key.

I accepted it, held it against my heart,

then placed it in the wooden box within sacred space with our treasures.

She nodded to this, and then waited, which turned into a pout.

Considered, and willed a key from my heart.

Handed it to her, and with a smile,

she accepted it,

and then she

swallowed it whole.

Then she said, “You are mine.” Before she met me with a long kiss…


…Took her hand and brought her into the temple of soul,

with our lifeforce revealed, we stood before the fires of creation

within the quest of, “Is this enough.”

The voice of creation spoke,

“No. You must also find peace…”


~ 5 August 2017


Written by thedreamscapes

06/08/2017 at 19:40

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